Chandler Home Selling Tips How To Compete In Todays Market

Dated: 11/04/2014

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Chandler Home Selling Tips: How to Compete in Todays Market

Are you thinking about selling your Chandler house or condo? If you’re in a market that has a lot of newly constructed homes, you’re going to be competing with those listings for buyers’ attention. In today’s post we’ll share a few tips that can help you attract buyers and convince them that your pre-owned home is just as good as a brand new one.
  • Upgrade And Modernize Your Home Prior To The Sale Numerous studies have shown that buyers who prefer brand new homes are mostly interested in the new appliances and fixtures throughout the home. If your home is more than a decade or so old, you’ll want to invest some time and money in upgrading your appliances and fixtures before trying to list your home on the market. If you have newly constructed homes very close to yours it might be worth installing these items after you’ve moved out so that the buyer is the first person to use them. 
  • Focus Your Marketing On A Specific Buyer Depending on which neighborhood your home is located in and the local amenities, you may want to consider focusing your marketing on one particular buyer. For example, a downtown condo would be marketed to a completely different prospective buyer than a large four-bedroom home out in the suburbs. Take some time to consider the “persona” of your target buyers, and craft your messaging around what these individuals or families will be looking for in their dream home. 
  • Shine The Spotlight On Your Home’s Strong Points As with any major sale, you’ll want to ensure that you spend as much time as possible highlighting the strong points in your listing. Be sure to mention any local community amenities as well, such as schools, parks or community centers. If you’re selling to a family, your proximity to these amenities will be a significant point of comparison with brand new homes in the area. If you have the budget, you may also want to consider having your home professionally staged, as staging is an excellent way to show a potential buyer just how good your home can look with tasteful furnishings, art and other finishing touches.
Selling your Chandler home can be a challenging proposition that shouldn't be faced alone. When you’re ready to sell your home be sure to contact Tom & Darby Associate Brokers at Solutions Real Estate at 480-442-5540, who has experience selling in your local market and can help to ensure your sale moves along smoothly.

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