Can I Show You How I Help Arizona Homebuyers And Win Their Business

Dated: 01/27/2015

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Can I show you how I help Arizona homebuyers and win their business?

 Here is a quick video so I can show you how I give access to Arizona Homebuyers and let them search the MLS just like a Realtor, enabling them to have the same access to the available inventory here in the Phoenix Metro area.  Most Realtors do not know how to use the "portal" I am going to show you and give you access to when you agree to work with's just my way of pulling back the curtain and allowing you to see the same information we as Realtors use will even get automated emails as homes that meet your criteria come on the market, change status, change price and when they leave the market, you won't still look at them thinking they're still available (like Zillow and Trulia sites).

So, you may ask, why do you do this Andrew?  It's because Arizona Homebuyers want to search homes from the comfort of their own homes and I want to make sure they have access to realtime data...I get calls all of the time for homes I had listed, marketed and sold 10 months ago, but it keeps my phone ringing, so I am not complaining about it, but YOU and other Arizona Homebuyers, YOU want current, accurate data...and that is what I want you to have as well.  Imagine looking at homes on another site and getting excited about the prospect of buying this home and then you call me and I tell you "that home sold 6 months ago" will feel like you wasted your time and I will feel like you are looking at outdated listings that are no longer available and the pricing for comparable properties may be different in the current market.  You see, I build value with my knowledge, experience, bulldog style negotiation and using the 15 years as a licensed Realtor to prove to you that I am the right choice for you to help find, negotiate and buy the home you want to live in for years to come.  

Click the image to search the MLS

Click the image above to begin searching the MLS like the Pros!

Team Texidor at Solutions Real Estate has business relationships with some great professionals in the industry that you are going to want to connect with...I work with several different lenders (depending on where you are located and the language you speak), a great home inspector, title companies that offer excellent service and we have fun doing should be having fun too!

Andrew Texidor


Saul Mendoza (hablamos espanol)


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