BBQ Grills Maseratis And Calling Expired Listings In Scottsdale

Dated: 07/15/2014

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What do you suppose BBQ grills Maseratis and calling expired listings in Scottsdale have in common? Well, on a rare rainy afternoon in North Scottsdale about 5:15 I was making a few final phone calls & text messages to owners of properties that had the homes expire in the MLS. For those of you who aren't Realtors, this is one way Realtors pick up listings. We call expired listings with the hope the owner will re-list the property with us. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Today I was calling a person in an area that I specifically target for business. In fact I had sent this person a listing evaluation 2 weeks prior, followed up with a note card a week ago and stopped by their house last Friday(Door Knocked in Realtor language). I called the owner twice and for some reason, before I could say a word they kept saying "There's know body there" and hung up the phone! Well, this got my dander up and I got in the car and drove to the persons house (since I knew they were home) and knocked on the door and the owner answered and said "we got your flyer last week and we haven't decided what we are going to do". She then shut the door! That's it for my day and I start to think about dinner and my BBQ Grill....
My BBQ has been acting up lately. Not so much the grill, just the automatic lighter. It doesn't want to light all the time. Particularly when the humidity gets high (yes we have humidity in Scottsdale) and of course when it rains on the rare occasions like today. I leave the Expired listing owners house and drive several minutes to the nearest drugstore to purchase a candle lighter in order to light my grill. I use my grill approximately 5 nights a week and I'm sure the rains going to stop and tonight will be a grill night. I get my lighter in the drugstore without the slightest of problems and walk out to my car when a beautiful blue convertible pulls into the parking lot.
Enter the Maserati. Yes Maseratis are fairly common to see in this wonderful town we call Scottsdale! There is absolutely nothing like walking into a parking lot or driving down the road and seeing Maseratis, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc. The BMW's and Mercedes Benz are the everyday working man's vehicle......Of course the Maserati in the drugstore parking lot had a license plate: "snwbrd" and I thought "God I love this town" Should I leave my card on the windshield?
Bruce Parham
Solutions Real Estate 

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