Are You Relocating To Arizona

Dated: 12/03/2015

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Relocating to Arizona

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Arizona is a beautiful state if you like the desert with the ability to head to the high country to see the trees and even snow in the winter.  

Are you relocating to Arizona from another state?  My family relocated to Arizona from Washington state over a year ago.  What brought us here?  Well mostly family and the weather.  Born and raised in Washington both my husband and myself we were ready for a change.  The weather in Washington is so unpredictable.  Well other then you can expect rain and grey skies about 9 months out of the year you never know when the sun might shine or you might feel the warmth of the sun on your skin.  Granted the summers end of July thru first part of September are usually very nice you still never know if you will truly get a full summer or the rain will sneak in to.

In Arizona you are guaranteed a summer.  You truly feel the sun on your skin all the time other then those rare occasions when the rains come in and the clouds cover the skies.  Even then it doesn't last long and Arizona is a beautiful place to live. 

Arizona has a lot to offer to those relocating here.  From the downtown hustle and bustle of Phoenix to the quiet calm living of the outskirts of town.  I get asked all the time well what do you do for fun.  We LOVE going to the Salt River for tubing in the summer and to watch the Salt River Wild Horses all year round.  Kayaking the Salt River is another fun thing we do.  Such a beautiful experience.  If you are not all about the water if you heard further north to Sedona there are lots of outdoor activities to do and the shopping is amazing.  If you are looking for snow then head towards Flagstaff.  The Arizona Snowbowl is a beautiful place to be in the winter.

Arizona is also home to some of the oldest documented food traditions in North America as well as having a high diversity of wild and farm raised heritage foods most other states don't have.  So you will never get board with eating out as there is something for everyone and so many different restaurants to try all over the state and the shopping in towns such as Scottsdale, Arizona is AMAZING.  There is such a variety in what you can find.  

So whether you enjoy being outdoors in Gods Country or you would rather be indoors shopping, eating and enjoying the company of others there is something for everyone here in Arizona.  It is a beautiful state to relocate to so if you are relocating to Arizona and looking for a home to call yours please contact me or find me at 


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