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Dated: 08/13/2014

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With all the production homes on the market these days, it's getting harder and harder to find a home in Scottsdale that has some land with the home. Many builders who are building homes under $1 Million dollars (yes that's $1,000,000) are building very nice homes on what many of my clients call "Postage Stamp" size lots. 
So, if you're looking for a home on an acre of land, where do you go? Well, you can start your search in the South to Central part of Scottsdale. There are many properties along the Shea Blvd. & Cactus Rd. corridor that are on larger lots however not that many on 1 acre lots. The majority of the properties you will find along the Shea/Cactus corridor on these larger lots will be priced over $1million. Many of these properties are new builds and/or completely remodeled homes. Remember, at one point (years ago) Shea Blvd. was considered the furthest point North in Scottsdale.
Now if you're looking for a nice home on approximately 1 acre and you can drive 10 minutes North of Shea Blvd., I have the area for you. It's an area comprised of several different subdivisions over a number of years from the late 1970's to the 2000's. There are custom homes, semi-custom homes, and (yes) even production homes
The area I'm talking about includes the subdivision/enclaves of Vistana, Happy Valley Ranch, and Pinnacle Peak Estates
Vistana is a production type area comprised mostly of homes built by Continental and UDC however there are a few custom homes throughout the area. There is also a combination of single story and two story homes with prices currently ranging between $46,000 and $625,000. Happy Valley Ranch consists of semi-custom homes built primarily by Monterey along with custom homes. These homes are all single story homes and currently range in price between $899,000 and $1.199Million. Pinnacle Peak Estates is primarily all single story custom homes. Current price ranges are between $619,500 and $1.410Million.
The fact is, most of the properties in this area are priced below $1Million and there are plenty of different choices in many different price ranges. Once again, all of these properties are situated on lots of approximately 1 acre.
Please take a look at few examples below

Happy Valley Ranch-Price-$1,100,000-For more information and Photos;
Vistana-Price-$467,000-For more information and photos:

Pinnacle Peak Estate-Price-$668,000-For more information and photos:
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