9 Decorating Mistakes You Might Be Making

9 Decorating Mistakes You Might Be Making

Dated: 09/16/2014

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We’re all human. We all make mistakes. And while there is a large amount of gray area when it comes to decorating, there are certain mistakes we can all agree to never make again. From floating a small rug to not making the bed, here are nine blunders you should resolve to solve.  
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    Ignoring the Hemline

    Clements Design bedroom with drapes and leather chair
    PHOTO: Clements Design  via C Home
    We all know that curtains should touch the floor, but just how much fabric do you let touch? Unless you’re Marie Antoinette and your drapes are made of pure silk, there shouldn’t be too much glamorous “puddling” of extra fabric. Have your drapes hemmed at the dry cleaners, or use simple iron-onhem tape
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    Letting Your Rugs Float

    Living room with fireplace and white rug
    Don’t be ashamed if that Kilim rug you scored at the flea market is actually too small for your room—it happens to the best of us. If you’re stuck with a small rug, ground it by placing it under furniture, whether under your coffee table or one foot of your sofa. Just don’t let it fly solo in the middle of your room.  
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    Not Making Your Bed

    Rose Uniacke canopy bed with green blanket
    PHOTO: Rose Uniacke
    Decorating starts as soon as you place two feet on the floor in the morning. Making your bed every day will make your entire place feel more pulled together, even if there are still dishes in the sink. 
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    Not Fluffing Your Pillows

    Living room with zebra stools and art above sofa
    PHOTO: Lisa Romerein for C Home
    Pillows are functional, sure, but once you’re done with that squished-up lumbar, bring it back to life with a good fluff. A well-fluffed pillow is a sight to behold. 
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    Having Too Many Knick-Knacks

    Windowseat bench with pillows
    PHOTO: Laure Joliet
    No need to be a total minimalist, but curating your knick-knacks will keep you from looking like a hoarder. If there isn’t space for more than a few treasures on a table or shelf, then it’s time to purge.
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    Hanging Frames Too High

    White living room
    PHOTO: Angie Silvy
    Art should be hung eight to ten inches above furniture, and around five feet from the floor. This will keep it at the right eye line for an average-height viewer.  
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    Carbon Copying

    Stack of books and blue sofa in living room
    We’re all about being inspired by a designer’s portfolio, color combination, or grouping of fabrics, but take that inspiration and make it your own. Carbon copying is never admirable. 
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    Not Lighting the Scene

    Le Parker Meridian Palm Springs by Jonathan Adler
    As soon as the sun sets, lighting becomes the most important decorating element. Be sure to have multiple sources of light: indirect lamps, task lighting, and overall 
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    Pushing Your Furniture Out to the Walls

    Gray living room with floating sofa
    Whether your space is a cavernous cave or a claustrophobic can, never push all of your furniture out to the walls. The space will seem larger, and more inviting, if there are at least two to three inches of space. 
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