7 Little Known Secrets To Getting Government To Finance Your Home

Dated: 06/26/2016

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Learn how to make yourself ELIGIBLE in 5 minutes. If you want to avoid putting money down (down payment)  and are a first time home buyer here in Phoenix Arizona and have not money down then this article is for you.

Here is what this is all about. This product offers 100% Financing for qualified buyers. 

Here is what I've discovered. I was able to get my home financed 100% and have the documents to prove it. The reason why I'm sharing this information is because we can both benefit from it by you AVOIDING downpayment and me earning your business. It's like sticking it to the bank, it feels good...

The reason it does not cost anything is because If you fit into a geographic and income bracket USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) loans and no down payment required (secret number One). You wouldn't mind just checking a few things to check you eligibility, right?

Here is how this works: If you have a 620 minimum Fico score then you are ELIGIBLE (secret number Two). But don't worry if you are not at 620  we can help you get there and its sooner that you might think. 

if you are a buyer cannot own another property at closing(secret number Three). Here is why; the USDA wants to develop brand new  areas and wants to give first-time homebuyers the opportunity first.

Here is what you are "required" to have on your loan, a low amount of monthly mortgage insurance (secret number Four) because the government wants to protect your investment.

USDA will one time financed Funding Premium is financed into the loan amount, much like FHA (secret number Five )because they want to protect the loan in case there is a default.

Here is what they will do (USDA)  The loan is underwritten to general FHA standards (secret number Six)

And the biggest seventh and final secret is that seller/lender contribution allowed up to 6%, plus you get competitive interest rates.

Here is what you need to do is call me, text me email me at the information below to find out if you can find the house that you are looking for in places you never look at before.

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