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No! Not the car! A simple process to ease you into the idea of calls! DO IT! Instructions are in the video!

F = FAMILY – Talk about their spouse. How did you meet? How long have you been married? {Check the ring finger first} Their kids ( ages, schools,sports etc..) { for business -you ask about family to learn connections or uncover tidbits. Be sensitive to indicators that can give you a clear family picture of which product you have to sell that fits their needs-this gives you a selling edge.}

O = OCCUPATION – What line of work are you in? How’s work going? That sounds fascinating how did you get into it? {for business – their occupation description gives you an idea of income- which again helps you size up their ability to buy}.

R = RECREATION - What do you do for fun?, What do you do on the weekends? When was the last time you got to….? Do you vacation at the beach or the mountains? {for business-Their amount and type of recreation is a clear indicator of how much disposable income is available. Also tells you if they are a spender or a saver. Provides opportunity to plug an event or BOOK AN APPT! Pay attention to all clues!

D = DREAMS – Ask about their dreams. If you could go anywhere you wanted, where would it be? What have you always wanted to do? What’s your plan to get there? {for business - if you were a travel agent or an investment banker- you would kill for this type of info. Or! It gives you to implement your inner Buffini and send over a gift relating to their trip or vacation keeping you BAD ASS AND TOP OF MIND!

5 contacts!
Do it!
Report back in the comments below!




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